The K8s automation solution for
peak performance at peak events

Handle any traffic spike

Maintain SLAs

Reduce cost

Our solutions

For teams that need total availability


For global e-commerce sites handling heavy and unexpected traffic loads

Payment Services

For large companies offering financial processing and management  solutions

Travel and Ticketing

For enterprises providing booking and access to events, attractions, and travel experiences

Why Qubex

One platform to rule them all. From design optimization to cost reduction.

Scale Event Simulations

Qubex connects to your app and shows how it will behave in different scales and events

Improved Scaling Performance

Learn which parts of your code cause scale issues and get recommendations how to fix it

Near-Instant Scaling

Increase resilience and optimize costs using Qubex’s hibernated node technology

Selective Scaling

Each service is scaled independently, further minimizing costs

We're for real

Trusted by industry leaders

We understand the challenges faced by engineers supporting mission-critical products

Customer Stories

Cloud and DevOps Engineers just like you use Qubex every day

With Qubex, we've been able to achieve - and even extend - our SLA. Our users are always served instantly, even during peak traffic hits.

Moshik Eilon

Tech Lead

Until now we've always had to choose between under-preparedness or over-spending. Qubex is a total game-changer for our bottom line.

Danni Friedland


Compliance and privacy

Gold standard compliance. Full data privacy.

Qubex's software provides cloud infrastructure engineers with the tools they need to maintain reliable systems and optimize cloud costs.

SOC2 Compliant
Fully On-Prem
How it works

Qubex makes your cluster faster by doing the work ahead of time

We manage a pool of Qubernated nodes and load container images before you need them, so when traffic spikes everything is ready to go.

Seamless integration

Qubex works with your auto-scaler and container registry

No need to change your workflow. No complex onboarding.


The Qubex platform

Your complete toolkit for a resilient cloud


Test your system instantly. For free.

Visualize stress and scaling dependencies

Get system design recommendations

Understand your system


Headroom is expensive. Offload it without losing resiliency

Qubernated node pool management

Enterprise-grade reliability

Optimized costs


Load containers ahead of time to scale instantly on demand

Pre-loading and updating for Qubernated nodes

Near-instant boot-up

Ready to experience
a new level of resiliency?