Stop guessing and overspending. Get precise scaling for any traffic

QScaler makes your infrastructure exactly what it needs to be. No wasteful headroom. No stress.

The Numbers

Keep the same SLAs with a fraction of the cost

The cost of our Qubernated nodes compared to regular nodes
<20 seconds
The time it takes us to scale your system when traffic surges

3 reasons SREs love QScaler

No need to change your workflow. No complex onboarding.

QScaler only activates the minimal amount of nodes to make sure that your cluster is always the right size

Qubernated nodes create virtual headroom that costs a fraction of live headroom. Combined with the ability to scale perfectly for every demand - and you’ve got a ton of money staying in your budget.

The opportunity

Stop the battle between cost and resiliency

Stop worrying about the next demand surge

Get peace of mind about your system’s performance in any scale

Stop wasting money on expensive headroom

No more time and budget wasted on over-provisioning. Pay only for what you need.

Maintain SLAs in any conditions

Build consumer trust by delivering when it matters. Make an impact on your company by getting orders out the door even when sh*t gets real.

With Qubex, we've been able to achieve - and even extend - our SLA. Our users are always served instantly, even during peak traffic hits.

Moshik Eilon

Tech Lead

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a new level of resiliency?