About Qubex

We’re here to solve scale

Qubex provides a Kubernetes scaling solution for enterprises. Ensuring resiliency against volatile traffic without over-provisioning.

Mission Statement

Total availability for enterprise cloud

Qubex’s mission is to help cloud engineers stop worrying about scale events and costs.We believe the cloud shouldn’t be fragile and slow - it should just work.


Our Team

Meet the experts behind Qubex's reliable software solutions.

Alon Yariv

John is a dedicated engineer with extensive experience in managing cloud infrastructure and optimizing costs.

Isaac Dorfman

Jane is a talented developer who specializes in building reliable and scalable software solutions.

Eric Bauman
VP Global Business Development

Michael is an experienced data analyst who helps optimize Qubex's software performance.

Arik Kfir
VP of Research and Development

Sarah is a creative designer who ensures Qubex's software delivers an exceptional user experience.

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