Fast response is great. Prevention is better

QSim gives you visibility into scaling events. Modeling your system and visualizing the dependencies lets you improve the design and prepare for scale events before they happen.

The Numbers

Keep the same SLAs with a fraction of the cost

The cost of our Qubernated nodes compared to regular nodes
<20 seconds
The time it takes us to scale your system when traffic surges

3 reasons SREs love QSim

QSim connects to read-only, metrics and configuration files to learn and model your applications behavior

Get detailed analytics about your system’s components and micro-services. Learn which requires heavier infrastructure and where problems might arise.

Stop doing expensive stress-testing and manually looking for issues. Improve performance and save time with QSim’s tailor-made recommendations.

The opportunity

Prepare for scale with zero blindspots

Get observability into system behavior in traffic spikes

QSim lets you get perfect understanding of your system and improve it’s performance

Stop doing expensive stress tests

No more time and budget wasted on live tests. QSim uses an advanced model of your system to test performance without paying for infrastructure

Stop manually looking for scaling issues

Get clear design recommendations and notifications about possible clear issues

With Qubex, we've been able to achieve - and even extend - our SLA. Our users are always served instantly, even during peak traffic hits.

Moshik Eilon

Tech Lead

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